Product List

Conventional Product Range

Almonds - Australian almond kernels and inshell -
All grades, sizes, and varieties, natural, Insecticide Free options. Californian almonds - all grades, all varieties, natural and blanched.

Almond Butter, Creams and Pastes - Blanched almond paste butter and creams, Light roasted blanched almond paste butter and creams, roasted natural almond butter and creams. All 100% natural. Organic and conventional.

Apricots - Turkish apricots - all grades and sizes, including premium extra, manufacturing grades, diced and pastes.

Dried Fruits - Dried banana, dried Strawberries, dried Mango and dried Pineapple from Ecuador and Colombia in whole, cuts and diced. 100% Natural. No preservatives.

Brazilnuts - kernels and inshell from Bolivia, Brazil, Peru.

Cashews - Cashew kernels - all grades and sizes from Brazil, Vietnam and India. Cashew paste.

Corn Snacks - Spanish Toasted corn snacks, corn nuggets, chips, tubes & sticks, BBQ, Cheese, Chilli, plain Salted, and with No MSG flavour. RSPO or Sunflower oil options. Oven roasted popped potato, rice, corn, wheat and multigrain chips and crackers. Raw natural pellets for snacks.

Dates - whole pitted dates, diced, and date paste from Iran, or UAE and Pakistan origins. Date syrup.

Medjool Dates - Fresh dates…coming soon to our range
in 2021.

Figs - Turkish dried Figs - various grades and sizes, wholes, diced and fig paste. Iranian special wild Figs.

Grains, Flakes, Powders - Quinoa - flakes, powder and flour, Maca Powder, Amaranth flakes. Dried Banana sliced and powder, Camu Camu Powder, Lucuma Powder, Yacon dried, sliced, syrup and powder.

Gojiberries - Chinese

Macadamias - Australian macadamia kernels and inshell, all grades. African inshell and kernels.

Hazelnuts - Hazelnut kernels and inshell, all grades and sizes, raw and roasted, naturals and blanched, and diced, and hazelnut paste.

Incaberries - Dried Incaberries (Goldenberries) whole and diced from Ecuador

Other Dried Fruits - dried strawberries, mulberries, glace cherries, glace fruits, apple rings, dried blood orange slices. In whole, chopped, sliced, and diced forms.
Peanuts - Blanched Peanuts - all grades, from Australia, Argentina, China and USA origins

Peas and Bean Snacks - Roasted and wide flavoured range of peas and beans from China. Wasabi peas, Roasted Edamame Beans, roasted broad beans etc

Pepitas - Chinese pepitas GWS and Skineskin varieties, (Pumpkinseed kernels). And pumpkinseeds inshell.

Pinenuts - all grades, sizes and varieties from China.

Pistachios - Californian pistachio kernels, inshell - raw & roasted. Iranian pistachio kernels, inshell, raw & roasted

Prunes - Pitted from California and Chile.

Raisins - Californian jumbo, select and midgets, all grades. Turkish raisins - all grades and sizes

Walnuts - Walnut kernels and inshell - all grades from Australia, USA and Chile.

Nut & Seed Oils - Sweet almond oil, walnut salad oil.

Organic Product Range

Organic Almonds - Californian and Spanish almonds - all grades, varieties, natural and blanched.

Organic Almond Butter, Creams and Pastes - Blanched almond paste butter, Light roasted blanched almond paste butter/cream.

Organic Apricots - Turkish apricots - all grades and sizes, including wholes, manufacturing, diced, and paste.

Organic Dried Fruits - Dried banana, dried mango, mulberries, gojiberries, Whole, cheeks, cuts and diced.

Organic Incaberries - whole and diced from Ecuador.

Organic Brazilnuts - Brazilnut kernels, whole and pieces from Brazil and Bolivia.

Organic Cashews - Cashew kernels from Vietnam, all grades.

Organic Dates - Pitted GAQ dates and Diced dates.

Organic Figs - Turkish dried Figs - various sizes, and paste.

Organic Grains - Peruvian Amaranth puffed, Amaranth flakes, Canihua flakes.

Organic Hazelnuts - Hazelnut kernels and paste from Turkey.

Organic Nut Pastes - brazilnut, cashew, hazelnut, pistachio, and walnut pastes.

Organic Pinenuts - Chinese Pinenuts - all grades and varieties

Organic Pistachios - Californian pistachio kernels, inshell - raw & roasted salted.

Organic Plant Powders - Dried Maca powder (natural and also in red and black) Dried Camu-Camu powder, Dried Aquaje powder, Dried Lucuma Powder, Dried Yacon powder, dried Yacon sliced and Yacon syrup.

Organic Quinoa - Quinoa Flour, cooked flour, Quinoa flakes. Toasted Quinoa, white crispy quinoa.

Organic Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) - GWS and Shineskin varieties.

Organic Walnuts - Walnut kernels - all grades and sizes.